Teachers enjoy the Sybian
You asked what impact the Sybian has had on our lives. Well, my wife and I are what you might call the conventional middle class. We are both teachers, and live in the suburbs. I guess we never expected much from sex, though it was better before the three boys we have raised were born. But to be honest it was never that exciting, even just after we were married. Once a week on Sunday mornings was about it, and my wife seemed happy with this - I know I was, with the pressure of schoolwork I couldn't have got it up more often than that. However we have just seen our last boy off to college and we were looking for something to fill the gap. We got talking and looked up - for a joke - "orgasm machines" on the internet. Well, we came upon the Sybian site, and one thing led to another, till we had both got so aroused that we went to bed and fantasized about Jan having the Sybian thrusting up her hot wet cunt as we fucked each other. The sex was unbelievable, and afterwards she insisted that we actually order the machine. It arrived after only two or three days, and we couldn't wait to unpack it. You've got to understand that for us to order a machine like this is like hearing the President has been wife-swapping - no-one in this town could even begin to understand what we would want with a Sybian! We set it up with some anxiety, after all the most adventurous thing we've ever done in sex was make love in the open air (and that was in the missionary position!) Jan's eyes had a kind of strange look in them - like she wanted to make up for lost time, I'd say - as she lubed up and lowered herself onto the penile prosthesis. Well, we switched the machine onto slow and within minutes she was moaning and writhing her hips. To say she couldn't get enough of it wouldn't even come close! She was like a woman transformed, moaning in ecstasy as the machine twisted and vibrated insider her! All I can say is that once you have established as much intimacy as that in your sex lives, nothing is ever the same again. I know we were ready for a liberation, with the house to ourselves again, but to see Jan's sexual potential unleashed by the Sybian like that is simply amazing. Gosh, I hate to think what we have been missing all these years! Thank you. Nothing will ever be the same again!

Businessman buys his wife the Sybian for her birthday
I have a fantastic lifestyle, and a beautiful wife to share it. It's my responsibility to entertain her in such a way that she stays with me to share the life I've created for us both through sheer hard work. But when she said she wanted a Sybian, I had a problem - after all, she has my cock, and if that's not good enough for her, then what is? Anyhow, I ordered one for her birthday, on the understanding that if she did indeed like it better than my cock, she could use it when I was away on business only. What I hadn't expected was how damn' sexy it was watching her getting off on it. The Sybian seems to bring out the really primal lewd woman in every female - I guess having that degree of stimulation in your pussy must have a profound impact on your arousal. Vaginal juices pour out of her when she's using it, and she seems pretty much in a world of her own. It sure doesn't take her long to get off either - a few minutes at the most on the medium setting, and she's screaming. Usually her orgasm lasts for about five or ten minutes, especially if she's going the vaginal route rather than the clitoral route. And what about me? Well, watching her getting so orgasmic turns me on like nothing else, and I fuck her long and hard when she's finished her Sybian session, which she loves! She invariably comes again while I'm thrusting and this brings me off in an orgasm more intense than I ever had with "normal sex". All you guys out there who've never had simultaneous orgasms with your partner - get one of these sex machines. Right now.

Mid west pair have Sybian fun on winter evenings
Well, you all know the cold can be a problem here. In the winter there ain't much to do in town, either, and the folks who we like to see don't appreciate us calling around every night of the week. So - it's good old sex, but I mean how long can you enjoy sex because there isn't much else to do? So, internet connection handy, we spent time looking at some porno to get us in the mood, and we found a site with women looking pretty happy riding the Sybian. You know when  inspiration strikes? You get that excited buzzy feeling? One look at each other and we were fixing to order one for ourselves - and waiting for the UPS man to deliver it three days later was making us both pretty horny. When the box arrived she fell on it like she was crazy! She set it up and gave me her look which means, don't you try and argue with me now! The machine was soon doing its thing in front of the fireplace, and she was shaping up to put her cute  not-so-little butt on it when I told her to start with the flat attachment on her clit. Well, she decided to go right along with my idea and she was cumming in seconds - at least that's how it looked to me, though I was so horny I had my pants off and my penis out, tugging on the old pleasure pole before she'd finished screaming her way through her first orgasm! After she stopped thrusting her hips and grinding her vulva against the Sybian, we had wild sex right there on the carpet in front of the fire.  The next night she wanted to try out the penis that comes with the Sybian, so we kissed awhile to get her in the mood, and when she was juiced up we just went for it! I set the machine up for her and she lowered her butt onto the penis, then turned it on. She looked kinda startled at first, and grabbed the control to turn it off. But that's just the first time, and once she had the control in her hand, she rode that orgasm machine like a real cowgirl! That means a lotta hollering and whooping! I grabbed her from behind around the waist so she could feel my erect penis pressing into her crack, and boy was that ever a turn-on for her. She just came and came and came, and by the time she'd fallen off the machine onto the rug exhausted, so had I! Winter in Ohio just doesn't seem so boring anymore with the Sybian to entertain us. I guess my real fantasy now is having the neighbors over to have a sex party - if this happens, I'll let you know!

Sex starved wife finds relief with the Sybian!
We're getting to that age when sex is not what it used to be. And though I sometimes want to make love, it's hard to get my husband's cock hard. He's over 50 and he's got diabetes, which even with Viagra isn't a great recipe for a wonderful sex life. And yet there's still that desire in me to have his penis inside my vagina. I guess if you're a woman, that urge never goes away? Anyhow, we've found a great way to make up for his soft penis. I ride the Sybian while he holds me from the front and caresses my breasts and clitoris. That way I can fantasize that he has his penis inside me while I have a big orgasm. The best way I've found for me to use the Sybian is to combine the clitoris plate and the vaginal attachment so I get a combined G spot and clitoral orgasm. It's lovely, and having my husband near me while I enjoy riding the Sybian makes it almost as good as sex. It's certainly kept our marriage together, anyhow. Thanks Dave, and Karen. Without this toy I'd probably be a mean old spinster by now! 
PS - hubby has just bought the Venus 2000, and guess what - he can orgasm and ejaculate without having an erection! He told me to say that this is the most amazing thing he's ever found, because he still has desire but thought without an erection he had to give up the pleasure of his orgasm for ever. Fantastic - we're both happy, and it's all down to a pair of mechanical sex machines. I mean, who would have thought it?

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