G spot and vaginal orgasms

The G-spot is part of the sexual, erectile tissue that lies around the vagina and urethra. When it is stimulated, the G-spot swells and engorges with blood, and the glands within it produce the female prostatic fluid. Traditional descriptions talk of the G-spot as part of the vaginal wall. But in fact it is more accurately described as an organ one can feel through the vaginal wall.

And it's not hard to feel it: although it is a different size in each woman, a finger gently inserted from one to one and a half inches into the vagina and then pressed upwards will quickly find the ridges and bumps of the G-spot. Some of these ridges and bumps are small, some are large; some protrude more into the vagina than others - but every woman has a G-spot, and every woman, or her partner, can feel it when she inserts a finger like this.

The G-spot can be very sensitive to sexual stimulation, or it can be numbed - this is often the case when a woman has experienced sexual abuse. It is a nerve center and junction box of the nervous system, and so a great deal of sexual healing can take place when the G-spot is stimulated, along with the expression of emotions associated with the "body memories" stored there. More of which, later.

The G-spot has its own nerve supply; a different nerve supply from the clitoris. The clitoris is supplied mainly by the pudendal nerve, the G-spot by the pelvic nerve. And the G-spot's nerves are stimulated mainly through the wall of the vagina. Now - do you begin to see the truth of the old idea that there are two types of female orgasm - a clitoral orgasm, and a vaginal (or G-spot) orgasm? It's no surprise to learn that these two sources of a woman's sexual pleasure will provide different sexual experiences and different types of orgasm. What may come a surprise, though, is that the G-spot is actually capable of providing more intense, longer, and more fulfilling orgasms than the clitoris. And when an orgasm is the result of stimulation to both the clitoris and the G-spot (i.e. when both the pudendal nerve and the pelvic nerve contribute to the orgasm), it is a blended orgasm with characteristics of both clitoral and vaginal orgasm. 

The next part of the story of female orgasm and ejaculation is the group of muscles around the area of the anus and vagina - the pubococcygeus muscles. These muscles increase the intensity of orgasm when they are strong and healthy. What's more, when they are operating properly, they expel female prostatic fluid, which helps prevent stagnation and infection of the urinary tract. The picture that begins to emerge is of a wonderful sexual machinery which can work beautifully and in harmony and help a woman get in touch with her health and femininity, but which may, when it doesn't work in a smooth, coordinated way, lead to sexual problems, urinary problems, and give a woman a sense of being out of touch with her body. So there are plenty of reasons for learning how to enjoy G-spot orgasms and female ejaculation as part of your orgasmic potential!

And this orgasmic potential is much greater than most people realize - men and women alike. But multiple orgasm is not about just coming and coming and coming! There's a profound emotional fulfillment, an almost spiritual sense of well-being and ecstasy, which emerges from the more profound G spot or vaginal orgasm induced by the stimulation of tissues and sensory nerves other than those in the clitoris. 

This is not to downgrade clitoral orgasms in importance. It's true that when the pudendal nerve is stimulated, via the clitoris, a woman's pleasure can be intense. The clitoral orgasm is characterized by involuntary, rhythmic contractions of the muscles around the genitals. Multiple orgasms and feelings of being insatiable occur most easily with this type of orgasm. But the G-spot, and hence stimulation of the pelvic nerve, seems to be the gateway to higher levels of sexual energy and pleasure. This deeper vaginal or G-spot orgasm tends to involve the expression of emotions, the expression of sounds, and the release of tension. But many orgasms are of course reached by stimulation of clitoris and G-spot.  This "blended" orgasm is much deeper than a clitoral orgasm and can be profoundly rewarding and fulfilling for a woman. It seems to remove emotional blocks of all kinds, but especially the ones caused by sexual issues or abuse - everything from sexual abuse to simply having unwanted sex (even with a loved partner). When a woman uses the Sybian to promote massive G spot orgasms, she is therefore very profoundly healing  her sexuality - which is probably why so many women report their sexual inhibitions are removed and their ability to orgasm is increased so dramatically once they have used the Sybian.

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