The G spot and The Sybian

The G spot (named after the guy who discovered it, Doctor Grafenberg) is an area on the inside of the front wall of the vagina about one to two inches up from the opening - you can feel the G spot with your finger as a pea-sized mound of tissue when a woman is not sexually aroused, though sometimes the G spot is smaller or larger, and it may just be an area on the wall of the vagina which is very sensitive.

But stimulating the G spot has an amazing ability to give a woman a G spot or vaginal orgasm - so different to a clitoral orgasm that the first time you experience a G spot orgasm, you won't believe what's happening! A G spot orgasm is much more intense, goes on for much longer, and seems to spread through a woman's whole body. Her G spot will take her into ecstasy - and her partner will be turned on like never before when her G spot orgasm produces the amazing eruption of liquid from her urethra known as "female ejaculation". Vast quantities of secretions are ejaculated with powerful contractions of the vaginal muscles. It's an intensely exciting experience for both partners. 

Only after you or your partner has had a G spot - or vaginal - orgasm and seen female ejaculation happening will  you understand how immensely exciting and satisfying these orgasms are for a woman - they are much more intense than clitoral orgasms! Best of all - every couple can achieve this level of sexual arousal and fulfillment - EASILY! All you have to know is a few simple techniques. 

My partner and I were skeptical at first, but we followed the ideas on how to get to G spot orgasm with the Sybian and I can tell you with complete honesty, based on our personal experience, that we just didn't know what we were missing all these years! We just had no idea that sex could be like this (and it was very good before we learnt about the G spot!). Our lovemaking has never been better, more intimate or more sexy, and Jan comes easily with multiple G spot orgasms that go on for ages. What's more, she's much sexier and wants to make love more often, she's aroused much more quickly when we do make love, and every time we make love, she has pulsating orgasms which go on for minutes and leave her much happier and more fulfilled. 

These techniques make sex so much more intense and enjoyable for both partners. When she ejaculates in a stream, it turns me on in a really primal way so that when I come during vaginal intercourse, it's extremely intense for me too - literally the most fantastic experience I've ever had. I mean, who needs drugs when you can do this naturally? And by the way, I can tell you that it's a myth that women find it difficult to come through vaginal intercourse - once you have a Sybian, she will very quickly understand where her G spot is and how powerful it is! The Sybian appears to train the nerves of the pelvic region so that a woman develops a rapid orgasmic response, and then she may well come while you enjoy vaginal intercourse, and you can often achieve simultaneous orgasms.

Our Sybian video shows you exactly how you can achieve female ejaculation and G spot orgasms over and over again.  The presentation is sexy and explicit, sensuous and erotic, and, above all, extremely arousing. Men and women can happily watch it together to stoke up the fires for a night of passion! In fact, you'll both be so turned on that you won't know what hit you!

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