The Sybian and Female Ejaculation

The amazing sight of a woman ejaculating during her orgasm isn't one you're going to forget in a hurry. It's just a complete turn on for a man, sending his arousal sky high and producing extremely powerful and immensely satisfying orgasms as a result! And women say the intense sexual pleasure they feel during female ejaculation is often better than the orgasm that accompanies it! 

But just what is female ejaculation? It's the powerful ejaculation of fluid produced in small glands around a woman's vagina and urethra during sexual excitement. This fluid isn't vaginal lubrication and it isn't urine - in fact, it's more like male prostate fluid, which makes up the bulk of the semen when a man ejaculates. 

Most often, female ejaculation happens when a woman is aroused by G spot massage
. Her G spot is an area on the upper wall of her vagina (that's when she's lying on her back) which feels different to the rest of her vagina. You can find it with a finger - go here to discover how. When this area is massaged by a finger or by the relentless probing energy of the Sybian's attachments, it produces large quantities of this special female fluid. And when a woman's aroused enough, or in the grip of her orgasm, this fluid can shoot out of her urethra in powerful spurts. The Sybian makes it easy for a woman to ejaculate - even if she's never experienced it before. The amazing stimulation that the Sybian provides to the G spot means that a woman is extremely likely to ejaculate when she comes while riding the Sybian.

Female ejaculation is an amazing experience for a man - especially if he doesn't see it coming! (It's pretty amazing for the woman as well!) Female ejaculate is usually clear or milky and as thin as water. You can tell it's not urine - it doesn't smell, taste or look like it. When we were researching this website, a male friend told us of the first time a woman had ejaculated on him - he was under her, giving her oral sex at the time. "Suddenly," he said, "her whole body tensed, then she almost screamed, and she spurted this fluid all over me. God, I thought she'd pissed on me - but I soon realized she hadn't! I couldn't get enough of was incredibly exciting! It was all over my face and chest. It was six years before another woman did the same thing - though I hoped it was going to happen again each time I had sex. To this day I haven't forgotten how unbelievably thrilling it was when she came all over me!"

Female ejaculation occurs through the urethral opening. This is the same outlet that's used for urination, located  between the vagina and the clitoris. The fluid expelled is like water - it doesn't improve the chances of conceiving, it offers no lubrication, and it's ejaculated outside of the vagina. Female ejaculation can happen during both clitoral and vaginal orgasms (see here for an explanation of these two types of orgasm). The only conceivable purpose of female ejaculation is for pleasure. And the pleasure is intense, in many cases far surpassing the best orgasms. Sometimes after ejaculating a woman will virtually pass out from the intensity of her pleasure.

Since the only reason that women ejaculate is for pleasure, there's every reason to do so as often as possible! 

Without the Sybian women may have problems learning how to female ejaculate.
  Many women are a bit inhibited - perhaps about making a mess, perhaps about expressing their glorious female sexuality in this dramatic way. And very often a couple don't know how to make this incredibly exciting experience happen. That's where the Sybian can help.

Female ejaculation - make it happen with the Sybian!

Some preparation is recommended before you try for female ejaculation. Place a towel under the Sybian as a surprising amount of fluid can be released during female ejaculation. Compared to male ejaculation it may seem like a water cannon. Have some lube like Astroglide or Probe handy. At some point additional lubrication will be necessary, even if she is having powerful orgasms.

Set aside enough time. Your first female ejaculation may take from 10 minutes to over an hour.

Female ejaculation is perfectly normal, and a wonderful experience for both of you. But it's important for a woman to know that there's nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about in the experience of female ejaculation. And there are some other important pieces of information for a a woman to know about before she starts. 

Empty your bladder before you start, because just prior to ejaculation, you may feel you're about to pee. This is a difficult point for many women, as they will immediately draw back. But it's normally impossible to pee during an orgasm, and the feeling is simply the first sign you're about to female ejaculate. If you've emptied your bladder, this will boost your confidence that you're not going to pee. Since the movement of the fluid through the urethra initially feels exactly like peeing, this is very important. If you immediately try to "stop peeing" when the ejaculation starts, everything will stop, so you need to relax and allow the fluid to pass. 

In other words: when you feel like you are about to pee, go ahead and release! Obviously it won't really be pee, it will be an ejaculation, and within a couple of seconds it will become very obvious that this is something quite different. Once you know the feeling, you'll actually be able to push it out once it starts, with astounding results! 

You can then continue to ride the Sybian, and you may well have multiple orgasms and ejaculations with further stimulation.

Here's how a couple could work up to female ejaculation. Start slowly. You need to have lots of gentle foreplay, massage, cuddling and kissing so she gets really aroused. You may want to start with her on her back. Stimulate her clitoris. This can be done with a moist finger or with the man's tongue. Playing with her breasts while licking her vulva or clitoris (or vice versa) can be very arousing. Continue enjoying your usual foreplay until she is nicely lubricated. At this point she can insert the Sybian attachments into her vagina and slide it gently along the front wall of the vagina. She'll come to an area about one or two inches inside which is a bit larger and rougher to the touch. This is her G spot. It lies directly along the urethra, and is located almost directly behind the clitoris. As a woman manoeuvres herself on the Sybian she will quickly feel the stimulation when the attachment begins to massage her G spot.

For women:
Stroking your G spot can be done in several ways. You can let the Sybian massage the whole area, or thrust your hips so the attachment slides in and out before pushing it back in, similar to the in-out motion of intercourse, but with smaller strokes. Initially the stimulation will need to be on the slow side. Try simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris and G spot. You'll enjoy it, and your partner will enjoy watching your reactions!

Ejaculation is almost always triggered by stimulating your G spot.
Clitoral stimulation can often help a woman achieve an ejaculation, and can also make it more intense. But stimulating your G spot is always necessary, at least to begin with. Once you start ejaculating easily, you may find that clitoral stimulation alone is sufficient.

Simultaneous stimulation of clitoris and G spot may be too intense for some women but necessary to produce female ejaculation in others. When you feel your vagina contract, begin pumping more rapidly. When you're in the middle of an orgasm, stimulate your clitoris at the same time (or ask your partner to do it!) and pump your G spot gently but very rapidly. At this point you will most likely ejaculate. The trick is to massage the area where your urethra comes out, while stimulating your clitoris and G spot. This will help to override the feeling you're about to pee, and allow you to let it pass. When you bear down you will probably ejaculate.

For men: When she starts to orgasm, talk to her reassuringly, and support her. Words like, "You're getting it, go for it, don't worry, relax and let it come," are very encouraging. She may need reassurance that if she drenches you it won't upset you. Tell her how erotic you find it for her to ejaculate. Make her comfortable with you watching, helping and with the idea of ejaculation.

A woman is capable of multiple orgasms and multiple ejaculations with the Sybian. It is not unusual for a woman to have between 3 and 5 ejaculations before she's depleted her supply of ejaculate. Once she has ejaculated one or more times, you can both enjoy conventional intercourse. Entering her from behind will stimulate her G spot more easily than missionary style, and often additional ejaculations will occur during your intercourse. Even if they don't, she will be highly excited, and very sensitive. The final result will most likely be the most intense and pleasurable sex you've both ever had.

 The G Spot is by Alice Kahn Ladas, Beverly Whipple and John D. Perry, Dell Publishing, 1982.