What is The Sybian Orgasm Machine For Women?

The Sybian is a revolution in sex toys for women! Neither a mere vibrator nor a dildo, the Sybian is an amazing orgasm machine for women which delivers high-powered orgasms of supreme intensity to all women, regardless of how easy or difficult they find it to achieve orgasm at the moment!

The working part of the machine consists of a dildo - a false penis, if you like - which is mounted on a cunningly designed motor shaft that can rotate, vibrate and thrust in any combination you like. The motion, speed, and power of the machine are completely controllable at all times, so you can prolong your arousal or enjoy a quick orgasm however you choose.
When you use the dildo like a penis to enjoy vaginal penetration, the Sybian will provide you with wonderful G-spot stimulation which can lead to massive, rolling, multiple orgasms.

The Sybian provides you the opportunity to be a consistently orgasmic woman whenever, however you prefer. The sheer intensity and pleasure of the orgasms it produces cannot be matched by any other sex toy. With its unique design, all your need are taken care of effectively, whenever you want.
It has two separate movements:

The vaginal insert rotates and/or vibrates within the vagina (see Fig. 1)

and the entire area in contact with the vulva vibrates (Fig.2).

Indeed, many women have reported their first experience of vaginal orgasm while using the Sybian, and describe this sensation as much deeper than a clitoral orgasm, often involving whole body orgasmic contractions and intense pleasure. What's more, it's not unusual for women to ejaculate when using the Sybian, an experience which is highly erotic and arousing for their partners who are often extremely turned-on by seeing this level of intense female sexual arousal. The penis-like attachments for the Sybian come in various sizes, from small thru' average (that's average-penis-sized!) to large, so you'll be sure to find one that exactly suits your needs. And there's more information on G-spot orgasm and female ejaculation on this link, if you want to learn more about the pleasures in store for you.

But even if penetration isn't your thing, you can still use the Sybian to enjoy massive orgasms. There's another attachment, a specially designed clitoral stimulator, which is guaranteed to have you dripping with arousal and enjoying a massive orgasm in no time at all. Even pre-orgasmic women will have no trouble reaching their very first orgasm when they experience the irresistible stimulation of the Sybian - and because it's all under the control of the user, it's a completely safe way of exploring the limits of your body's sexual potential!

Now - imagine the amazing orgasms that await you when you combine the clitoral and vaginal stimulators of this amazing orgasm machine together! And, as if this wasn't enough, for those women who enjoy anal play, there's a combined vaginal-anal attachment which delivers the pleasure of double penetration - again, all under the instant control of the user.

Pleasure like this can't be achieved with any other sex toy on the market. The superb design, the excellent build quality, the money-back trial period, and the sheer scale of the Sybian's success are all testimony to the amazing quality and effectiveness of this astonishing orgasm machine for women! You'll find plenty of information about the Sybian on this website, including the thrilling sexual experiences of other Sybian users.

You can also download pictures or video clips of the Sybian in use, order an explicit and exciting DVD of the Sybian in use - which shows genuine female ejaculation during a Sybian ride - or you can buy the Sybian for yourself. Alternatively, you can simply browse through the information on female sexuality. You'll find all the links at the left hand side of each page. 

Simulated intercourse with the Sybian can provide simultaneous, intense stimulation of both the clitoris and the Grafenberg- or G-spot in the vagina. Penetration can be as deep or shallow as you like - it's an entirely controllable experience!

More information:

According to the Sybian's inventor, Dave Lampert, the Sybian Orgasm Machine for Women was first designed in the 1970s but only became a physical reality in 1983 when Dave started to develop the prototype. This was constructed from metal sheet mounted on a frame made of wood with a mechanical vibrator protruding through an opening. A later, more refined model was developed into the basis of the current design of the Sybian.

Lampert and his associates started off with the somewhat corny name of Master Better (masturbator?), shortened to "MB" until good sense prevailed and a name associated with luxury was coined - ever thought of yourself as a Sybarite? - the derivation being from Sybaris, an Ancient Greek city associated with luxurious living. Sybaris, Sybian?


The Sybian Orgasm Machine for Women weighs 22 lb (10.0 kg), and is 13.25 inches (33.7 cm) wide, 12.5 inches (31.8 cm) long, and 8.5 inches (21.6 cm) tall - and then there is the famous 2 inch (5.1 cm) rubber attachment on top. The power cord is around 2.4 metres in length. The dildo-like attachment rotates through its attachment to a .034 hp electric motor that rotates anywhere between 0 and 120 revs per minute; vibration is produced by means of .059 hp electric motor that can be adjusted from zero to 6500 revs per minute. Both power and the movements of vibration and rotation are controlled by means of a remote control. Because of its strong construction, the Sybian can support more than 1,000 lb, so women can bring their lover on board to share the ride.

When using the Sybian, a woman sits astride and inserts her chosen attachment into her vagina. She can control vibration and rotation separately and with two rotary controls. The Sybian comes with a variety of dildoes, and a flat sheet for stimulating the clitoris. These are all made from synthetic rubber.


The Sybian was featured in Penthouse in 1987 and has appeared in many porn movies since. But its real high point was being featured on The Howard Stern Show. Howard Stern was given a Sybian as a gift in 2006 and it is available for use by willing guests on his radio show.